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Analyzing Data


A brief history

Our firm was founded in 1998 following the association of Jacques Lampron and Nancy Gagnon. At that time, we had 12 and 6 years of experience in the field of personal finance respectively. A dichotomy between the values of our previous employers and our own values has led us to question how to work in this area. We concluded that being an independent consultant company was the best way to be honest and work for the client's benefit. By becoming independent consultants, we no longer had any ties to companies, thus avoiding any conflict of interest. By doing so, the firm then allows itself to offer almost all possible suppliers in the field. Finding that there was a lack of synergy with the professionals who accompanied the clients, we decided to deepen financial planning with the clients in order to help them as much as possible by taking a global approach to their finances.

Our mission

Lampron Gagnon Financial Group supports its clients in their quest for financial independence. Together, we develop a dynamic plan of your objectives. Our efficient, proven and safe, but often overlooked, methods set us apart. "Maximizing income and reducing effort" is our motto. The Innovation we are demonstrating will allow you to see your situation from a new angle. The balance between human and financial values, with respect and integrity, is an important issue for Lampron Gagnon Financial Group. In short, doing business with us allows you to achieve financial independence more quickly while improving your quality of life.

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