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Jacques Lampron


Financial planner

Mutual fund representative*

Financial security advisor

Group insurance and annuity advisor

Mr. Lampron began his career on January 6, 1986. Since then, he has constantly improved his knowledge of life and health insurance, investments and, more specifically, financial planning, an area he is particularly fond of. Having previously been Deputy Director of Training in the past, he has been able to work on the most complex files.

Then, wanting to specialize in a business market, he followed his mentor's recommendation: "If you want to handle business people's files, be yourself in business." Without hesitation, Jacques and Nancy founded Lampron Gagnon Financial Group. As a result, the proportion of Jacques' clientele increased from about 25% of business people to about 85%.

His professionalism, global vision and creativity are qualities appreciated by her clients. Always on the lookout for new products, Jacques follows his continuous training assiduously. Well aware that you can't be good at everything, Jacques has, over the course of his 30-year career, surrounded himself with competent professionals who share the same values as the firm's philosophy.

*Associated with PEAK Investment Services Ink.


Nancy Gagnon


Financial security advisor

Mutual fund representative*

Ms. Gagnon began her career on August 3, 1992. Over the years, she has completed training leading to the title of Certified Life Insurer (CLA) and Mutual Fund Dealer Representative. Co-founder of Lampron Gagnon Financial Group and Vice-President Finance of the firm, her expertise at Lampron Gagnon Financial Group is an important asset for her business clients.

Her human approach to finance distinguishes her in the market and is highly appreciated by her clients. Continuous training allows her to keep her knowledge up to date and, at the same time, leads her to constantly improve her consulting approach. Ms. Gagnon has specialized with clients in the agricultural sector. Her ability to resolve complex farmers' issues has provided her with the expertise necessary for all types of cases.

The development and follow-up of files remains a valuable asset in its approach. Planned and regular meetings allow for better development of the business plan and better long-term follow-up. The process is focused on achieving objectives and increasing the client's assets.

*Associated with PEAK Investment Services Ink.


CPA Auditor

CGA Investment Advisor

PEAK Financial Broker

Ghislain Ferron, B.B.A.


Laurence Lampron

Kelly Desrosiers


Léane Doyon


Technological support

Jérémy Lampron

Mélissa Lavigne

Technological support

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