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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

I hope you are doing well! The beginning of spring and deconfinement will be welcome.

First, I would like to share with you an article that appeared in the press on Monday, May 4. It is from PEAK President Robert Frances. We have been working with PEAK for 15 years. For a very simple reason: total independence and the absence of "in-house" products.

As you can see in the article, Robert Frances is far from being the kind of guy who gives up. I knew him like that 15 years ago and he is still like that. Enjoy reading. CLICK HERE to read the article (french only).

On another note, here's some Good News! Over the past 30 days, most investment accounts have recovered between 60% and 90% of the decline experienced at the beginning of the year. (For this reason, it is important to mention that everything is already better than on your last statement)

I would like to tell you that everything is behind us. As far as COVID-19 is concerned, it is still uncertain. The most optimistic say that the virus will disappear for good this summer and the most pessimistic say that the virus is with us for many years.

As for the economy, the next few weeks are likely to be very difficult for many businesses around the world.

Although managers are well positioned to face the next few months, if not years, the consequences on the economy could be quite disastrous.

In one of my previous publications, I talked about a W-shaped recovery (fall, rebound, fall, rebound), which is not a truth but a theory that occurs 70% of the time. The chances that we will experience a new downturn soon are very high. I wanted to warn you. To get back to the peak we had, we will have to wait between 6 months and 18 months at least, again depending on whether you are optimistic or pessimistic.

There is a saying that the tree hides the forest from me. Currently, we are facing a gigantic tree.

I am attaching a picture of the forest, that is to say a view of more than 60 years of markets. Most of you should follow the yellow line in the center of the page, you will be able to see that no matter what the crises, the recessions, it always ends up going up. (All circled years are recession years).

CLICK HERE to see the chart.

Of course, we are always available for your questions and inquiries.


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