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New offices

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

The summer season is coming to an end. We had a great summer and I hope you enjoyed it.

However, we were far from idle, as our net assets under management continued to climb during the COVID period. That people think of us for security in times of crisis is a sign of confidence that is more than appreciated.

On the stock market front, everything has been fairly calm, which has allowed us to make our move in a more relaxed manner.

Indeed, since August 3rd, we moved to 150 Hériot, still in Drummondville. In fact, we simply crossed the street. In more spacious premises, recently renovated and with better natural lighting. We are very happy. (Photo to follow soon)

We also took advantage of this move to change our name and our Logo as you can see. We needed to update our logo which was already almost 20 years old.

You will find big letters that mean solidity. We kept the blue which means security. The gold line that separates the logo in two signifies two things. The first one is the LG which stands for Lampron Gagnon and the GF which stands for Groupe financier. The other meaning, this line also stands for the growth of your investments which we work hard to maintain. And finally, Wealth Management, because we cover all your financial needs from generation to generation.

As if all this were not enough, we have also added a new collaborator of exceptional quality. Mr. Ghislain Ferron joins our team to meet the ever-growing demand. Mr. Ferron is a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) by training and an investment advisor (stockbroker). All his qualities are currently at your disposal. He has one more quality than me, he is much younger! He has a very strong sense of pedagogy which is perfect for your children who would like to have financial and fiscal advice that is far, far superior to what is offered by financial institutions.

You can now put a face to Stephanie's voice who has been working with us for a year.

So that's what our summer has been like. Rest assured, through it all we found time to take a good 2 week vacation to be ready to start the fall with enthusiasm and energy.


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