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Understanding risk to better invest

There is increasing talk about the risks of a market correction after a decade of continuous growth. There are other equally important risks to consider when building a portfolio.

Longevity risk

Who can say at what age they will die. Statistics Canada tells us that by the time we turn 65, our life expectancy is almost 90. This has an impact on the amount of money to accumulate.

Risk of inflation and interest rates

Two factors over which we have no control and which have the potential to compromise the best retirement planning.

Risk of neglecting health care costs

The older you get, the more your bill for uninsurable health care products and services increases: uncovered drugs, physiotherapy, accommodation costs, etc.

Risk of taxes

The appetite of our governments seems insatiable. No matter how much we reduce taxes, we add more and more fees and taxes that take away from our net income.

Risk of an inappropriate asset mix

The closer you get to retirement, the less time you have to recover if a market correction occurs. Is our asset allocation adapted accordingly?

Risk of impulsiveness

The autonomous investor rarely succeeds in resisting his impulsiveness when investing his money. He easily succumbs to the lure of a quick profit or the advice of a "friend".

My role is to take into account these variables, which are difficult to identify, but which are omnipresent in the development of a portfolio adapted to your needs.


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